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The Team

  • John David

    JD has a background in sales,business & the property development market for over 20 years, he personally has been involved in buying, developing, marketing and selling small to large scale developments, as well as mentoring supporting and training many staff and clients over this long property career.

  • Shane Field

    Shane knows the ins and outs of property investing, drawing on 15 years of personal experience managing his own investment portfolio. He's excited help clients achieve their goals.

  • Blake Murray

    Blake brings years of personal experience managing his own investment portfolio. He thrives on helping people and wants to empower youth especially to take control of their future by investing in property.

  • Steve Clark

    Steve is all about his clients - he goes above and beyond to see them achieve their dreams. With vast experience in sales and management (including managing his own investment properties), he is ready to help you achieve the Great Australian Dream and beyond.

  • Gina Baghaus

    Gina is our in-house designer dynamo. She thrives on working to help her clients achieve maximum results with their visions for their dream home, from the placement of the kitchen, how many bedrooms, bathrooms and how they can effectively make the most of their new home.